‘The project in Madagascar has been fascinating and has vindicated our targeted approach to making grants’

David Maddock, Chairman

Avonbrook focuses on long-term involvement
in communities so our role and intervention
in education projects abroad are constantly
evolving. There are always new developments
on existing projects – or indeed new projects
– in our sights.

The principal role of Avonbrook is to carefully select specific education projects in the developing world that will receive our funding and long-term support to ensure that a real and lasting difference is made to the community. The most effective way of achieving this is by establishing a partnership with a local or non-governmental organisation that has an in-depth knowledge of the country and particular requirements of the project.

Our first project in Madagascar demonstrates just how effective the partnership system can be. Through a close working relationship with Money for Madagascar we have been able to provide funding for Akany Avoko, a children’s home situated 15km north of Antananarivo.

Since then we've worked with partners in Uganda and Guinea. News on our projects can be found through the links on the right under 'Project updates'.